Motorcycle course, theoretical course schedule A, A2 category. Only 3 days/ 15 academic hours!

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Theoretical classes are located Biekensalas street 21, Riga, 2.floor, aud. 214, in front of t/c "Riga Plaza", very convenient, free of charge place for parking.

Theory course at driving school

You can apply for theory course A, A2 category by calling 29245991

Practice session with instructor

For on road practice you don’t have to wait the end of the theoretical course.

CSDD exams

After passed motorcycle theory test at driving school, you can apply and pass the theory exam at CSDD.

Motorcycle rider driving school with superb quality of education, excellent reviews and high rating passing the exam at CSDD.

A, A2, A1, AM category motorcycle rider training during the year.

Whether you've been riding for years or have just decided to get your A, A2, A1 category license, you have your own reasons for being attracted to motorcycles.

Here You can find any information for getting driving licence and operating the motorcycle. Individual treatment will help you to obtain the skills and techniques you’ll need to safely operate a motorcycle in short terms.

Convenient time and on road practice with motorcycles (Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki models) that are used at CSDD exam will help to get the motorcycle licence shortly. We are working on business days and weekends.

We're offering to obtain AM category driving licence with scooter Honda Vision from the age 14.

If your goal learning to ride a motorcycle, and getting your motorcycle licence, please do not hesitate and call us, we will provide a feedback for all you are interested in, and who knows, maybe tomorrow we will meet You on practice session!

"Contact us!"

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