XMOTO PRO motorcycle driving school

Motorcycle driving school Xmoto Pro is offering to obtain are offering to obtain A, A2, A1 and AM category driving license.

The thrill of racing down the highway with nothing between you and the open road but the bike; the freedom of the wind whipping past you; the adrenaline rush you get every time you’re riding the bike ― just a few of the reasons riders trade in their cars for motorcycles.

Just set the goal, but we’ll help you reach it. Individual treatment, high quality of education, positive atmosphere and brand new motorcycles (the same are used at CSDD practical exam) – that’s all we can guarantee for you!


Motorcycle driving instructor: Sergey Suhovilo

Motorcycle driving and theory instructor: Kristīna Linova

B/BE categories

C/CE categories

D/D1 categories

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