A, A2, A1, AM categories

Age requirements Category Comments  

Minimum age 14


Motorcycles having the engine capacity no more than 50cc, and allowed speed on the road does not exceed 45 km/h;

Drivers, who is   holding A, B, C1, D1, C or D category licence, in Latvia also can operate AM category vehicles

Minimum age 16


Motorcycles without a trailer, having the engine capacity up to 125cc, and power output not exceeding 11 kW, also tricycles with power output not exceeding 15kW


Drivers, who is   holding A2 or B licence, in Latvia also can operate A1 category vehicles


Minimum age 18


Motorcycles having power output not exceeding 35 kW



Minimum age 24


Unrestricted motorcycles, as well as tricycles, with a power output over 15 kW





B/BE categories

C/CE categories

D/D1 categories

95 code