The weather is not impressing, but anyway Xmoto.lv wish You bright and full of adventure weekend!  Xmoto.lv 10-06-2016

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New address!

We have new address! Now we're on Mukusalas Street 100, Riga!!!  Xmoto.lv 20-05-2016

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Let's go!

That Saturday April 30th the new motorcycle season was opened with huge bikers pared in which were participating many thousands of motorcyclists. Motorcycle driving school Xmoto.lv graduates, who's got A category driving  licence this year also had a chance to take a part in.  Xmoto.lv 02-05-2016

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Excellent start for new motorcycle season!

Despite the cold weather, we continue study, obtain A category driving licence and buy new bikes! Be the next lucky one!  Moto-kursi.lv 

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This season the first graduate with A category!

Motorcycle driving school Moto-kursi.lv has it's first graduate on April 14th at the new motorcycle season. A category driving licence within 2 weeks – it’s real! Apply for motorcycle courses and be the next one!  Xmoto.lv 14-04-2016

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Motorcycle season 2016

The official opening of the motorcycle season 2016 is on April 30th. Let's meet at t/c "Mols" to participate in motorcycles' parade, that has become as annual tradition. Xmoto.lv 12-04-2016

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Motorcycle season is at full blast, just call and apply for the theoretical and practice lessons, get your A category driving license now!  Xmoto.lv 11-04-2016

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You choose your life, freedom and that will be all the time. You’re creating your own world to live in. Come and get A category driving license and be free!  Xmoto.lv 03-04-2016

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